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Scientific Governance

We are continuously improving corporate governance structure and quality, abiding by business ethics, building trust with all stakeholders, in order to boost the Company's long-term value and aid in its sustainable development and operation


Stable Operation

We have established a professional, diversified and stable governance team, standardized scientific decision-making, improved risk management and control in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Company and shareholders

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    Governance Structure

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    Governance Operation Mechanism

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    Risk Management

Business Ethics

Adhering to the culture of "integrity and honesty, openness and fairness, reliability and compliance, incorruptibility and self-discipline", Luxshare continuously hones employees' awareness of fair competition and business ethics in order to build a clean and transparent business environment

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    Business Ethics Management

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    Whistleblower Protection

Information Security

As information security is the foundation for the Company’s survival and development, Luxshare continues to strengthen employees’ awareness of privacy protection through system improvement, risk management and security training, protecting the information of clients, employees and the Company

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    Management Mechanism and Measures

Fair Competition

Resolutely abiding by relevant laws and regulations, Luxshare prohibits acts that disrupt normal market order, helping create a fair and just business environment

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    Anti-unfair Competition

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    Intellectual Property Right Protection

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