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Luxshare Won the 2023 Green Sustainable Development Contribution Award

On June 15, the 2023 International Green Zero Carbon Festival and 2023 ESG Leaders Summit with the theme of "towards a carbon neutral road" was successfully held in Beijing, which was jointly organized by Digital Central Network and Digital Central Public Welfare in conjunction with numerous domestic public and financial media. Luxshare was invited to attend this summit to share the company's years of ESG management and practical experience. The company has also been awarded the 2023 Green Sustainable Development Contribution Award for its pioneering exploration in the green and low-carbon field.


This year's Zero Carbon Festival is mainly held offline, with a combination of offline and online activities, including the opening ceremony, Green and Sustainable Development Forum, ESG Summit, "Zero Carbon Power" 2023 Salute Ceremony, and other themed activities carried out in an orderly manner. In addition, a special event titled "Enterprise Coach Dialogue Space" was held during the Zero Carbon Festival. Through professional coaches' explanations and Q&A, enterprises would be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and enhance organizational vitality.

At the Zero Carbon Festival site, over 300 outstanding enterprises from the fields of green, digital, and electrification showcased the practical achievements of the dual carbon goal, sharing cutting-edge technologies, products, and services in low-carbon innovation and green production. The cumulative number of viewers online reached 12 million.

Luxshare was invited to attend and deliver a speech with the theme of "Luxshare Sustainable Development Achievement Sharing". Director Lin Daofeng, representative of the Sustainable Development Promotion Center of the company, delivered a speech and exchanged practical experience in green and low-carbon development and corporate carbon reduction with leading enterprises in various industries in China. Director Lin said that Luxshare had been always pursuing a high-quality and sustainable business and development model. Green development is not only the background of sustainable development of Luxshare, but also an indispensable pillar of high-quality development of the company.


Director Lin elaborated on the green low-carbon practice path in line with the characteristics of Luxshare. Starting from practicing the concept of green and low-carbon, the company had conducted a climate change risk and opportunity assessment, committed to setting scientific carbon goals, building and improving a green manufacturing system, and minimizing the environmental impact of the operating process through measures such as energy conservation, sustainable water management, circular production, and waste reduction.

The company made a public commitment on January 5, 2022, to set a carbon reduction target according to the 1.5 ℃ path of the Scientific Carbon Target Initiative (SBTi), and promised to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2050. In 2022, the company had completed the carbon inventory work and had now entered the stage of formulating emission reduction plans and paths, as well as scientific carbon targets. The company planned to complete the development of scientific carbon targets within 2023 and pass SBTi verification and approval”. As a leading enterprise in the electronics industry, publicly making commitments and setting ambitious goals fully demonstrate the company's determination and courage for green and low-carbon development.

At the same time, Luxshare's green low-carbon practice does not stop at its commitment. The company has developed a three-step action plan for "carbon inventory, carbon reduction, and carbon neutrality", steadily carrying out actions to address climate change. The company have set a clean energy target and plan to achieve a clean energy usage ratio of 50% by 2025, optimizing the energy structure. At the same time, the company reduce its own operational carbon emissions by carrying out energy-saving renovation projects, rooftop photovoltaic construction, direct purchase of green electricity, green energy investment, green certificate procurement, and other actions.

In 2022, the company promoted 266 energy-saving renovation projects, saving nearly 190,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually, equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The total installed capacity of rooftop photovoltaics has reached 54.64 megawatts, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 400000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent through methods such as rooftop photovoltaics, green certificate procurement, direct purchase of green electricity, and green energy fund investment. The company's investment in energy conservation and carbon reduction has also reached 73.5 million yuan.

In the future, Luxshare will continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit, communicate and cooperate with like-minded partners, and through in-depth discussion, collide with more forward-looking thinking and innovative practices, making contributions to the sustainable development of the industry and cross industry.


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